Venom Documentation

Before You Start
About this page: This serves as a general purpose Wiki with more in-depth information on how to setup your bot, the exchanges it's compatible with and how to link them to AstraBit (my 3rd party bot provider).
This also serves as a catch-all knowledge base with the most updated information in terms of which pairings it will work with add I optimize it for others besides Bitcoin, as well as contain information as to its automated capabilities.

What's That Last Part "automated capabilities" Mean?

Not all automated trading strategies are created equal. There are literally a million different ways to trade a chart & millions of us trading it. Differently. My strategy has or may not have some capabilities that you are used to (or unfamiliar with) if you used this kind of tool before. Please make sure to read all the information in theRisk Management Built In? section.
If you have questions or comments please email me here (This could also be about information you felt was left out)
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