Bot Setup

Bot Setup Time!

Step 1, 2 & 3 - Simplified

Once you have an account on a supported exchange, simply navigate to your "Dashboard" and click "Create Bot" in the colomn on the left. After this you simply select the Venom Strategy, select "Single-Entry" for Bot Type, and select the exchange you would like to connect your API to as seen in the screenshot below:
When you click the pull-down for "Exchange" this is where you like your specific exchanges account (or sub-accounts) API. For help setting this up, clarity on sub-accounts please refer to Account Setup

Step 4 - General Settings

  • Give the bot a name
  • Select pairing
  • Make sure "Status" is "Enabled"
  • Select equity to use/re-invest per trade
  • Select Leverage (easy now...)

Step 5 - Risk Management

Dont Touch These!
No seriously. Don't mess with them. If you're asking "why?" right now, then it's because you skipped over reading this: Risk Management Built In?
It's already built in to the strategy. It's literally what your paying for when you purchase a Venom strategy. So hand's off, no touchy.
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