The Strategy

Nitty-Gritty Stuff
Before embracing an algorithmic trading strategy, it is vital to take into account your risk tolerance, investment preferences, and time-frame outlook.
For instance, if your goal is to achieve rapid wealth accumulation, algorithmic trading may not be suitable since it operates on a long-term basis & involves inherent risks. It is crucial to align your expectations with the reality that running the algorithm for a considerable period may be necessary before witnessing returns. Additionally, there is a possibility of experiencing a drawdown phase at some point during the algorithm's operation.
I primarily focus on an scalp strategy, targeting an average of 1-2 trades per week, which may vary based on market conditions and trade duration.

What Makes It Work?

Obviously I can't give away my IP and tell you what indicators & the settings it uses. But I can tell you it focuses on momentum and tries to take advantage of quick & swift market volatility to get a better entry.

What Time-frame Does It Use?

It's a scalper & as such, operates on timegrames between 1m & 5m. Depending on the pairing you selected for it to run on.

Risk Management Built In?

It is. This is actually the primary focus from here on out with this base strategy. Please keep in mind that nothing is perfect. As stated I consistently look over the performance & results based on current market conditions & adjust these as needed.
Here's a few things that are included in the automated system:
  • Trailing Stop-Loss
  • Trailing Take-Profit
  • Partial Take-Profit
  • Hard Stop
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